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Our banner exchange is perfect for small websites with a mythical, divination, supernatural, tarot, pagan, and alternative feel who would like more exposure.

We have a 1:1 banner exchange ratio which means for ever banner you show on your site, one of your banners will be shown on someone elses site.

We personally inspect sites that apply to the exchange. In addition you will receive 250 free banner impressions. Plus signing up for our exchange is quick and easy. All you need to know how to do is paste the required code on your page. (Ctrl-C [copies the code after you select it with the mouse] Ctrl-V [pastes the text into your document])

1. submit your name, e-mail address and location of the banner.

2. No porn, warez, or unrelated sites, hate sites, etc.

3. Webmistress has final say over any banner.

4. Make sure you banner is 468X60 pixels; animated is okay, in .GIF, or JPEG format (note sending me a URL with the size changed to width=460 height=60 won't work. I know html too!)

5. Need Help? Mail Me

6. Sign yourself directly into the exchange system or use th form below.

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-where is my banner exchange? Twice a year I check banner URL's and delete 404's.








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E-divination.com offers a 1:1 ratio banner exchange for pagan and supernatural websites with approved non-adult sexual related content. All sites are subject to approval by webmistress. Very poor sites, or hard to navigate sites will not be approved.



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