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Once upon a time there were three psychics Jill, Lydia and Spirit Cat who worked on this site. But being that this is the Internet they are now gone. Most of the sites that use to link to this site are gone. As the background webmistress I was wondering should I take the entire site down?

I assume some guests probably enjoy the java scripts. Please note these are not my scripts, I didn't write them I just humbly copy and pasted with permission. I tried to note below the script or in the code the author.

I did go ahead and give this site a face lift. The effects in the site are pre-packaged with Adobe Photoshop and a lot of fun to use. Like glitter they can be addictive and really annoy people when they get used to such an abundance as I have them here. Since I'm not a purist I won't worry about it.

If you need to contact me for anything please use the form below. Thanks :-) Seven the webmistress. Please go ahead and sign my guest book.


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